2023-2024 Documents & Disclosures

Select the required verification form from the list below if instructed of the requirement to submit the form by the Financial Aid Office through your financial aid notification or an email communication.


2023-2024 Balance & Loan Calculation Worksheet
The Balance & Loan Calculation Worksheet can be used to calculate the gross loan amount you will need to request in order to receive a net credit equal to the amount required to cover tuition, fees and living expenses. The calculation is based on the amounts you enter in the worksheet.

Loan Disclosures – Cost of Loan Information

Federal Verification Forms – Complete only if instructed to complete a verification form by the financial aid office.

As part of Federal Student Aid, students are selected for verification. This isn’t an indication that anything is wrong with your application, it is just a requirement that selected students have for Federal Student Aid. The federal verification process can include verification of your identity and a requirement that you attest to your educational purpose. If you are notified by the financial aid office of this requirement, you must provide information to our office to confirm your eligibility for Federal Student Aid. This can be completed in person or through mailing a notarized form with a copy of the identification you presented to the notary to our office. Additional information about completing this requirement.

Federal Direct Student Loan Request Form

If you received a financial aid notification and returned it to the aid office to request a loan(s), you may submit a Direct Loan request form to the aid office to request additional loan funds during the academic year.  You must have eligibility remaining in order to receive an additional loan.  You may contact the aid office if you have any questions (

Graduate Program Students

Documents for students enrolled in Animals & Public Policy, Conservation Medicine or Infectious Disease and Global Health Programs

Graduate Programs Financial Aid Award and Loan Information Guide 2023-2024

2023-24 Graduate Programs Cost of Education

Balance and Loan Calculation Worksheet

Financial Aid Applications

Graduate Programs:  Graduate Programs 23-24 Financial Aid Application (rolling application deadline)