What are SmartMotors? 

SmartMotors are low cost robotics tools developed at CEEO. The impetus for the development of SmartMotors comes from our belief that all children should have access to learning about engineering and robotics. One of the barriers we have found is the high cost of the kits and the need for expensive peripherals like computers and the internet. In order to make it more accessible we set out to build robust low cost standalone solutions that teachers  can use in their classroom that enables students to playfully learn about engineering and robotics. 

SmartMotors is a system of a motor and a sensor where the motor can be trained to move to a certain position or run at a certain speed based on the sensor input. This has two direct implications:

  1. Since it  will eliminate the need for a computer for coding  the activities can be done in a classroom without computers hence ease the economic and infrastructural burden, and 
  2. This will replace coding with training and hence lower the barriers of entry into robotics for both beginner students and teachers.
See SmartMotors in action in a classroom in the Navajo Nation.

News, Updates, and Iterations

For a more in-depth look at engineering practices in the Navajo Nation and how SmartMotors can be applied in the classroom, view the full-length version of our mini-documentary created by Keanu Jones.

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