About Us

Fletcher Consulting Group

Our mission is to create awareness, educate, and prepare members of the Fletcher Consulting Group with the resources and skills to pursue a career in consulting.

FCG is a student-run organization at The Fletcher School at Tufts University with the objective to inform the Fletcher Community on the opportunities available in the consulting industry and then provide interested students with the resources and skills to pursue those opportunities. Membership interests in the club include a variety of consulting fields, such as management consulting, strategy, political risk, social impact, and the public sector. The Group works with other student organizations at Fletcher to increase involvement and development. The club membership consists of full-time graduate students at Fletcher.

FCG exposes, educates, and informs Fletcher students about the various nuances of professional consulting. This is achieved through cross club collaboration, development of relationships both with relevant alumni and professionals in consulting, and through workshops conducted by both faculty and group members.

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