Case Interview Preparation

Case Interview 101 Guide

Consulting firms use case interviews to get to know the dynamic, strategic, and critical thinking of a candidate - all types of thinking that you would find in your average consultant. Case questions can seem daunting but with enough practice, you can learn to overcome them easily. To help you get started, our club created an overview guide outlining the interview process and including helpful links.


FCG is working on getting a year-round subscription for the consulting case practice platform, CaseCoach. This platform will provide exhaustive resources on case structuring, case library and practice drills, fit interviews, alternative case formats, including estimation questions and written cases, and most importantly, peer-to-peer practice sessions with other students from top B-schools in the world.

Case Library

Familiarizing yourself with the case interview format is a key part of preparing for consulting interviews. Our Club built this Case Library to provide you with practice cases, along with the intro to the case itself, so you can quickly read through and decide where you want to focus your efforts. These practice cases are great opportunities for you to go through realistic cases and see how each firm would suggest approaching them.

Workshop Training Recordings

We have designed workshop trainings as a mechanism to gather interested Fletcher students together around practicing case studies. Each workshop training is recorded for your reference as their content is relevant to flexible learning. You can also find the relevant presentation decks by manually clicking on the "PowerPoint Decks" folder. Many of our workshops are offered regularly - visit our events calendar page for upcoming offerings.