Sector Specific

Over the years Fletcher students have made a mark in several niche consulting firms, such as in areas like the development consulting, public sector consulting, and political risk consulting sectors. As you can expect, the interviews of these firms require focused preparations, and therefore, we have collated sector specific resources below for each of these sectors.

Most development impact consulting firm interviews are composed of a behavioral section and a case question. Behavioral questions are similar to the fit interviews of management consulting firms, but can include specific questions related to your interest in the development impact work of the specific firms. Questions like ‘what problem do you think is most urgent to solve in the world today?’, ‘What are your innovative ideas to solve the aforementioned development issue?’ should be expected.

Helpful resources: 

  • If you have not already done so, refer to the Social Impact tab in our Consulting Firms Database for a compiled list of development and social impact firms, and find a development specific consulting case from our Case Library.
  • Read an Impact Consulting blog from Rise, an online platform with multimedia content, articles, podcasts, and jobs opportunities directed to those individuals who are looking to increase their positive impact on the planet. 
  • Continue your case practice with these two McKinsey case studies – one on Diconsa, a financial inclusion project for rural inhabitants in Mexico, and the other on Transforming a National Education System

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