Welcome to Timko Lab at Tufts BME!

We are a team of Tufts scientists and engineers with an emphasis on developing new classes of bioelectronic systems, including hybrid tissues that seamlessly integrate living and solid-state components. We are specifically interested in nanomaterials, and how they can be designed with unique electrical, optical or magnetic properties that could be exploited within biological contexts. We are a member of the highly interdisciplinary Tufts BME community, drawing our expertise from a wide range of disciplines including chemistry, physics, biology and materials science, as well as many areas of engineering.

News and Highlights

August 2020 – Congratulations to Bilal Haider for successfully defending his MS thesis, “Monitoring Central and Peripheral Nervous System Neural Function Using Planar and Mesh Microelectrode Arrays.” Well done!

June 2020 – Our publication is out in PNAS: “Photo-cross-linkable, insulating silk fibroin for bioelectronics with enhanced cell affinity.” Thanks to Tufts Engineering for highlighting our work. Congratulations everyone!

May 2020 – Welcome to Aiden Lewis BME ’21 who will be joining our lab as a Tufts Summer Scholar! Aiden will develop algorithms to better understand how neural networks develop in brain tissue models.

April 2020 – Thanks to ACS for selecting our recent publication as ACS Editor’s Choice: “Heart-on-a-Chip Model with Integrated Extra- and Intracellular Bioelectronics for Monitoring Cardiac Electrophysiology under Acute Hypoxia.” It’s open access so check it out!

April 2020Tufts Now highlighted our recent heart-on-a-chip work! Congratulations to a fantastic team.

August 2019 – Tufts School of Engineering featured Timko lab member and Summer Scholar Akshita Rao ’21. Well done Akshita!

September 2018 – Our review paper is out! “Nanobiotechnology: 1D nanomaterial building blocks for cellular interfaces and hybrid tissues.” Congrats to all of the authors!

September 12, 2018 – We had a bittersweet group lunch at Chilli Garden as we bid farewell to our amazing postdoc!

August 28, 2018 – Bilal presented his research at a meeting of the Tufts Initiative for Neural Science, Disease & Engineering (INSciDE @ Tufts).

July 10, 2018 – We had a fantastic group lunch at Yoshi’s to welcome new lab members and celebrate our lab’s recent successes!

July 10, 2018 – Congrats to Bilal, Rotimi and Vineeth for having their abstracts accepted to the BMES Annual Meeting! We’ll see you in Atlanta!

July 2018 – Tufts undergraduates Julia Gake (CHE ’20) and Maya Kurzman (ME, BME ’21) and TUBERS participant Amanda Su join the lab. Welcome!

July 1, 2018 – Brian was named to the inaugural class of N45 Nano Research Young Innovators in Biotechnology. Many thanks to an outstanding lab group for making this honor possible!

June 27, 2018 – Vineeth and Holden attended and presented their work at the Graduate Research Excellence At Tufts (GREAT) program.

June 2018 – Bilal and teammates won First Place in the the 2nd Annual Weill Cornell Health Innovation Hackathon. Congrats Bilal and team!

May 2018 – Bilal was named a 2018 NDSEG Fellow! His proposal was one of only 69 funded nationwide. Congratulations Bilal!

March 2018 – Rotimi gave a talk, “3D Printing of Sacrificial Vascular Scaffolds,” at the 22nd Graduate Research Symposium at Tufts.