Media Coverage

March 2024 – Coverage of our Device paper “Transparent and conformal microcoil arrays for spatially selective neuronal activation”:

September 2023The Tufts Daily reported on our efforts to study neuroscience and promote STEM diversity.

July 2023 Tufts SoE News: “Timko receives NSF CAREER Award”

July 2020 – Coverage of our PNAS paper “Photo–cross-linkable, insulating silk fibroin for bioelectronics with enhanced cell affinity”:

March 2020 Coverage of our Nano Letters paper “Heart-on-a-Chip Model with Integrated Extra- and Intracellular Bioelectronics for Monitoring Cardiac Electrophysiology under Acute Hypoxia”:

March 2020 Akshita Rao (Honors Thesis Student and Tufts Summer Scholar) featured in Pulsar podcast by the Museum of Science: “What is a Heart on a Chip?”

August 2019 Akshita Rao’s Summer Scholars work featured by Tufts SoE News: “Measuring the Pulse”