Literacy and the Arts offers a unique combination of one-on-one tutoring and an extraordinarily fun summer day.  Since 2010, we have watched elementary school children love learning in a summer setting that pays close attention to their greatest interests, as well as their academic needs. They also love playing with college students – especially when they can choose their activities and have abundant materials and friends to play with. 

LOCATION CHANGE:  Last summer, we moved the program off campus, to 113 College Avenue and found the new setting worked beautifully.  This summer, we will again take advantage of our closer proximity to the Medford public pool and will take children swimming twice a week. 

Please click here for a description of this summer’s program: Literacy & the Arts + Two-Week Science Camp

Please click on the following links for a registration form, the medical/emergency information forms, and the application for tuition assistance: 

Literacy and the Arts Registration Form 2019

Medical Emergency and Permission Forms 2019

Literacy and the Arts Application for Tuition Assistance 2019