American Journal of Physiology Paper of the Year Award


Recently, at Experimental Biology 2015 being held in Boston, MA. Jennifer Durham received honors for ‘Pericyte contractility controls endothelial cell cycle progression and sprouting: Insights into angiogenic switch mechanics’, which we published late last year. The work, which teaches how pericyte chemo-mechanics controls endothelial growth dynamics and angiogenic switching, not only represents a major padadigm-shift in our understanding the regulatory role that pericytes play in orchestrating microvascular morphogenesis; but, the work will enable our creating ‘next generation’ cellular therapies capable of modulating pathological or physiological angiogenesis. Congratulations to my outstanding colleagues: Jennifer Durham, Howard Surks, Brian Dulmovits. This is truly a great achievement, demonstrating the global attention our work is receiving while offering considerable new hope for all those in need of healing.

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