TRUNK / Visual Classrooms

Tufts uses a system for its course websites nicknamed “Trunk.” It allows you to post course syllabi, materials, and assignments, and it has the capacity for virtual chat sessions, discussion boards, and securely sending assignments.

Please take the time to read the TRUNK User Guide in advance of the semester.

We are piloting a new online teaching tool this semester, Visual Classrooms. Visual Classrooms can integrate with TRUNK or be used instead of TRUNK. You should consider using Visual Classrooms if you plan to use these teaching methods frequently:

  • Using computers in class, in a constructive way
  • The blended classroom concept
  • Visual illustration of concepts
  • Regular use of video clips
  • Small groups or brainstorming activities in class
  • Regular student participation outside of class

Visual Classrooms is free for instructors and students may sign up for $20 per year. If the cost proves a hardship for any of your students, please ask them to contact the ExCollege.

More information about Visual Classrooms can be found here. You are welcome to try it this summer and determine whether it would be appropriate for your class and teaching style.

In addition, Tufts has a set of web applications that facilitate the creation of blogs or wikis within the Tufts system, as well as a number of classroom technology options. You should contact us if you are interested in using any of these tools.

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