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Welcome to the public blog for NUTB 238, Economics for Food and Nutrition Policy. Please check out the complete Fall 2014 Syllabus, and if you’re registered for the class you’ll know all the resources are on our class site.  You may also want to visit the personal sites for Prof. Will Masters.

Course Description: This course equips students with the principles used in economics for food policy analysis.  We use the graphical methods taught in standard, one-semester courses on the principles of economics, but our motivation, examples and applications are focused on food and nutrition problems in the United States and around the world.

Course Delivery: NUTB 238 is taught online through video lectures, conversations, presentations and exercises, with two days of on-campus work during the third week of classes. The content intended for public visibility, including selected assignments, will be posted online here.

Course Objectives: NUTB 238 helps students explain, predict and evaluate the social outcomes of individual choices using economics principles.  Students gain familiarity with the data sources and analytical methods needed to: (1) explain and predict consumption, production and trade in agriculture and food markets; (2) evaluate the social welfare consequences of market failure, collective action and government policies including regulation, taxation and enforcement of property rights in agriculture and food markets; (3) measure poverty and inequality in income, wealth, nutrition and health, as influenced by changes in markets and policies; and (4) describe macroeconomic relationships, fluctuations and trends in incomes, employment, economic growth and development.