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Museums in the News

Welcome to Museums in the News. Through this column, I hope to help all of us be a little more informed and aware of the general “buzz” of the museum industry, as it is covered in mainstream news outlets. I’ll pull together a handful of stories each month, and then turn it over to you to provide comments, draw connections, and levy thoughtful critiques.
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In Washington, the Corcoran laid to rest in peace

In Chicago, the Field Museum hosts “show and tell”

NPR tells the story of art forger Mark Landis

California National Guard closes military museum due to missing artifacts

Kudos to the staff of the Quebec Museum of Civilization

Museums in the News

Happy start to the second semester, all! This week’s featured story is an amazing new online resource for curators (and educators, and lay-folk) interested in both art and history. The V&A Museum will publish its Nazi index of Degenerate Art as a free online resource.

The V&A has the only copy of this list of some 20,000 works of art confiscated from German museums by the Nazi party between 1937 and 1938. It’s not only fascinating for those studying 20th century art or propaganda, it’s an important tool for resolving ongoing questions of provenance.

In other controversial news, the debate over MoMA’s plan to tear down the American Folk Art Museum building which has been described as both hideous and iconic continues. Hyperallergic offers a great summary of the ongoing conversation, for those looking to catch up!

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Museums in the News

Of course, undeniably the story for this week is the fallout from the government shutdown: shuttering museums, historic sites and parks around the country. Although many articles, like this one from the Washington Post, focus on the National Mall, let’s not forget the bigger impact around the country.

Image Credit Kevin Lamarque /Reuters/Landov

Image Credit Kevin Lamarque /Reuters/Landov

Of course, as with any such situation, there are the heroes. For example, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum offered free admission for federal employees. While it was only for a weekend and family members still had to pay, what a great gesture to liven the spirits of furloughed workers!

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Museums in the News

This week’s featured story: before the lawsuit buzz over deceptive “suggested admission” donations has even died down, the Met is in newspaper hot water again for a recent Groupon deal: $18 for admission for one to the Met…

from The Gothamist

from The Gothamist

Here’s the Gothamist article, but there are scores of others out there. What do you think? Deceptive? Overreacting media? Either way, it’s a big PR flop in my book!

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Museums in the News

In this week’s featured article, the Association of Art Museum Curators has moved it’s May conference to Detroit in a show of support for the DIA. Since they city’s bankruptcy, the DIA’s iconic collection has been under threat.

If you haven’t seen the DIA, you don’t know what they’re threatening. Floor-to-ceiling murals, of Detroit Industry, by Diego Rivera. A room full of mummies. A truly encyclopedic collection that takes you around the world. Kudos to the AAMC for not only a fantastic gesture, but for giving major curators (and thus major voices in the field) a reason to come to Detroit and become impassioned about saving the DIA.

courtesy of Brandy Baker/The Detroit News

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