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Date: May 10, 2013

Federal Field Organizer – Environment America (Boston, MA and Washington, DC)

If you’re looking for the opportunity to organize, advocate and fight for the environment, apply to be an Environment America fellow today! Environment America is looking for Federal Field Organizer to start in Boston and Washington D.C. this August.

Organize in politically critical states to advance our national environmental agenda

As part of a team of field organizers working in key states across the country, Environment America’s New England and Mid-Atlantic Federal Field Organizers will build the public and political support we need to advance our national environmental agenda in communities across the regions they are organizing in.

When powerful industries and their political allies stand in the way of environmental progress, we need media attention, the support of broad-based coalitions, an informed public, and grassroots action to counter their power and influence and win the day for our environment. Our federal field organizers will organize news events, bring community leaders and other constituencies together, and organize town hall meetings, rallies and other grassroots actions to show support for our national issues.

Learn more/apply.

President’s Campus Sustainability Council Releases Report

Campus Sustainability Report Cover 02The Campus Sustainability Council, which was convened by President Tony Monaco in January 2012, has released its report outlining recommendations to reduce the university’s environmental footprint.

The Council’s report both renews Tufts’ commitments to greenhouse gas reduction goals and sets new goals focusing on energy and emissions, waste reduction, and water conservation – areas where Tufts’ operations have the greatest impact on the environment.

This document will be the starting point for the next phase in the process: implementation planning, which will be overseen by Vice President of Operations Linda Snyder. The Council, co-chaired by President Monaco and Executive Vice President Patricia Campbell, was comprised of students, staff and faculty representing all Tufts campuses in Massachusetts.

When implementation planning gets underway, we are counting on the Tufts community to stay engaged and participate in creating the change needed to build a sustainable university!

Check out the report now to learn what Tufts has done in the area of sustainability and what is being considered for the future.


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