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Solid Waste Specialist, Eastern Research Group, Inc. (Boston, MA)

This position involves supporting federal and state environmental agencies with researching solid waste policy issues, including those that pertain to municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, and hazardous waste. The position is in ERG’s Boston office, and will start as early as October 15, 2017.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • One or more years of experience in municipal solid waste or relevant field of study or practice.
  • Experience researching waste management issues and initiatives, such as recycling, waste reduction, composting, lifecycle analysis, and organic waste (e.g., food waste diversion).
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in environmental science, environmental policy, or related field.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and analytical skills.

Preferred Skills & Qualifications:

  • Familiarity with biogas recovery from municipal solid waste or wastewater.
  • International experience in any relevant scientific field of study or practice.


Application Deadline: September 13
To Apply: e-mail your cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to

Fall Environmental Internship Opportunities On Campus

Are you looking to gain some experience in the environmental field without leaving campus this fall? Look no further!

Apply to one of Tufts’ environmental offices in the back of Miller Hall!

Office of Sustainability
Recycling & Waste Reduction Communications Intern
Office Assistant; 8 hrs/wk; $11/hr
On-Call Recycling Worker
Laborer; .5-20 hrs/wk; $11/hr
Recycling Education and Verification Intern
Education Environmental; 6-8 hrs/wk; $11/hr
SMFA Eco-Rep
Education Environmental; 3-5 hrs/wk; $11/hr
Specialty Recycling Intern
Laborer; 6-10 hrs/wk; $11/hr
Zero-Waste Event Team Leader
Education/Administration; 6-10 hrs/wk; $12/hr
Zero-Waste Station Monitor
Laborer; 2-4 hrs/wk; $11/hr

Environmental Studies
Environmental Event Planner and Outreach Intern
Undergraduate; 2-4 hrs/wk 1-3 hrs/wk; $11/hr
Environmental Office Assistant
Work-study Undergraduate; 3-4 hrs/wk; $11/hr

Tufts Institute of the Environment
Environmental intern—Administration & Data Management
Office Assistant; 4-6 hrs/wk; $11-$13/hr
Environmental intern—Alumni & Partnership Engagement
Education Environmental; 8-10 hrs/wk; $11-$13/hr
Environmental intern—Communications & Outreach
Education Environmental; 8-10 hrs/wk; $11-$13/hr
Environmental intern—Film Club & Other Events
Education Environmental; 4-6 hrs/wk; $11-$13/hr
Environmental Intern—Graphic Design & Marketing
Education Environmenal; 1-3 hrs/wk; $11-$13/hr

Zero-Waste Event Team Leader, Tufts Office of Sustainability (Medford, MA)

Become a team leader! Workers are needed for orientation week as well as the academic year. Zero-Waste Event Team Leaders are responsible for managing a team of student waste station monitors at Zero-Waste Events. This involves ensuring all materials are set-up appropriately before the event, orienting scheduled workers to their job duties, trouble-shooting any issues, collecting data, making sure waste and associated materials are disposed of properly at the end of the event, and writing up a short event report. The team leader is expected to also work at the waste stations. Meals for each event will be provided! People are strongly desired to work orientation week (August 28-Sept 1) – this would be about 6-8 hrs/day for 5 days. The position is also available for the 2017-2018 academic year (work would be sporadic, dependent on the number of events scheduled, and could involve some evening or weekend work). Submit a COVER LETTER and Resume to apply. Applications without cover letters will not be considered.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Good organizational skills.
  • Reliable, with good time management skills.
  • Ability to lift up to 30 pounds and willingness to get dirty.
  • Prefers hands-on work rather than desk work.
  • Experience leading/managing others, peer leadership.
  • Some interest in waste reduction and sustainability.

Preferred Skills & Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of sustainability efforts at Tufts.
  • Experience organizing events


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Application Deadline: Rolling
Apply Online through JobX


Zero-Waste Station Monitor, Tufts Office of Sustainability (Medford, MA)

Orientation week and academic year workers are needed to monitor waste stations at events. Students will be expected to educate diners and help sort the waste produced at the event as well as assist in the clean up to ensure that all materials have been properly sorted into the appropriate bins. Meals will be provided for each event! Accepted applicants will be placed on an “on-call” list and will be notified of opportunities throughout the time period selected. Each event requires a 2-4 hr time commitment.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Reliable and on-time.
  • Willingness to get dirty (personal protective equipment like gloves is provided!).
  • Able to lift 20 pounds.
  • Likes hands-on work.
  • Friendly and outgoing demeanor: likes to talk to and educate others

Preferred Skills & Qualifications:

  • Interest in waste reduction and sustainability, but anyone is welcome!


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Application Deadline: Rolling
Apply Online through JobX


Video Production Intern, Tufts Office of Sustainability (Medford, MA)

The Tufts Office of Sustainability is seeking a student to produce a series of videos about sustainability at Tufts for our new website as well as social media. The intern will work closely with the Office of Sustainability staff on conceptualizing and planning the video content, and he/she will oversee other elements of video production, including shooting video footage as needed. The intern will also assist with general communications for the office including responding to office emails and creating content for social media. You must submit both a resume and cover letter to be considered for this position. In your cover letter, please include a link to a video that you have produced.

Job Requirements:

  • Mastery of video editing software, such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Experience producing videos
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Interest in sustainability
  • A can-do attitude

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