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Sustainability Manager, American University (Washington, D.C.)

This position manages campus sustainability outreach, communications, education, and behavior change initiatives. This position requires applied knowledge of sustainability principles; the ability to strategically connect outreach and education efforts with university sustainability goals; extensive collaboration with students, faculty and staff; and supervision of student employees. The Manager designs, implements, modifies and manages sustainability educational, operational, or behavior change programs as appropriate. The Manager collects and analyzes data related to outreach for use in campus sustainability assessments and reports. This position manages the student sustainability educators program, including hiring and directing students who use peer education to reach other students and the university community. This position manages sustainability communications regarding AU’s sustainability projects and initiatives, including website, email newsletter, e-mail listserv, news items, presentations, social media platforms, and informational signage and materials campus-wide.

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Sustainability Coordinator, American University (Washington, D.C.)

This position coordinates completion of sustainability and green building related assessments and reports. The incumbent tracks, benchmarks, and analyzes a wide range of sustainability metrics related to sustainability in facilities and operations. This position coordinates the documentation of sustainability practices (including energy and water use, purchasing, transportation, and other metrics) using STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System). The position also coordinates the completion of LEED submissions for existing buildings using LEED Volume. The Coordinator reviews and evaluates new programs or measures for cost savings, sustainability impact, and feasibility.

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May 30: Power Purchase Agreements – The Key to Renewable Energy

Everyone wants renewable energy and to reduce carbon emissions, but historically a number of factors have kept organizations from building their own wind farms or solar fields. High upfront costs, technical expertise and long term price volatility just to name have kept companies, schools and governments from more readily adopting large scale renewables.

All that is changing, with new market tools helping solve those problems and expand renewable energy. Power Purchase Agreements are fast becoming the preferred method for securing renewable power while limiting upfront costs and risks.

During the webinar we will hear from two very different organizations who are both utilizing PPAs to maximize green power purchasing.

Join Sam Arons, Energy Program Manager from Google Inc., who is responsible for overseeing the PPA program and coordinating deals, and

Chris O’Brien, Director of Sustainability at American University where they recently finished a large solar PPA project.

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