Other stuff


Here are a few travel photos; really curious visitors might be interested in my amazing daughters’ work at CCSC and Bridge (+ Cabot Cafe) or other family pride (wife, dad, my brother’s work and his blog posts, and my mother’s co-housing project).

Deep Springs

I’m an alumnus and a former trustee of Deep Springs College, which you can see in a wonderful 7-minute video from 2009, an older documentary film from 2004, and articles in Le Figaro Magazine, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair (4MB), the Harvard Crimson, the Sunday Telegraph, the Christian Science Monitor newspaper, Salon, and a great piece in the Vassar Quarterly by my wife, Diane (with photo by me).  Here’s google’s satellite view of the place.  I served as trustee from 2002 through 2011, and at my last trustee’s  meeting we decided to pursue coeducation as reported in various places (NYT1, NYT2, LAT, IHE, CHE, TNY).  Updates on the transition are posted here.

An eight-second CV

Last and least, here’s an 8-second clip of Ann-Margret’s musical tribute to my college classmates and former colleagues. mp3 audio


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