photo credit: John Soares for Tufts University

Bree Aldridge

Associate Professor, Molecular Biology and Microbiology, TUSM
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, TUSE
Postdoctoral Training:  Harvard School of Public Health
Ph.D.: MIT, Biological Engineering, 2008
B.S.: University of Arizona, Computer Engineering & Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2002

Research Assistant Professor 


Trever Smith, PhD

I use a combination of fluorescence microscopy, omics style data, and machine learning to understand how environmental signals influence the essentially of different biochemical pathways in Mtb. Using antibacterials to inhibit specific cellular processes, I am investigating how perturbations to one or more pathways contribute to Mtb cell death across different physiological states.


Eun Seon Chung (Christin Chung), PhD
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My work focuses on understanding how M. tuberculosis controls its growth and behavior under different growth conditions and antibiotics.

Kathleen Davis, PhD

I collaborating with members of the Levy CIMAR and Tufts Medical Center to develop a method of in-vitro testing of drug regimens on bacterial pathogen clinical isolates from hospital patients with severe infections. The goal is to design in-vitro testing methodology to help choose more effective regimens for serious infections. My other work includes a multi-institution collaborative effort to identify small molecules that can be used in combination with antibiotics to restore or improve the activity of those antibiotics against community- and hospital-acquired bacterial infections.

Graduate Students 

Talia Greenstein, Immunology

Lesion heterogeneity is the hallmark of tuberculosis and has made it difficult to treat. I am working to help develop experimental-computational approaches to model drug response in different lesions to identify better drug regimens to treat tuberculosis.

William Johnson, Molecular Microbiology, MERGE ID
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My current work has two major aims: 1) Understanding how the growth conditions in TB lesions alter the metabolic state of M. tuberculosis and perpetuate anti-TB drug tolerance through high-throughput image analysis; 2) Using multi-omics data and machine-learning to characterize anti-TB drug mechanism of action in disease-relevant growth conditions.

Research Technicians and Associates

Ares Alivisatos

Basira Daqiq

I am working on DiaMOND (diagonal measurement of n-way drug interactions) based projects to build predictive models of in vivo outcomes using in vitro measurements. The predictions can then be used to better inform effective drug combination to be tested clinically.  In my free time I like to read,  bike, swim, surf and enjoy other outdoor activities.

Maliwan Kamkaew, MSc
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I completed my  MSc in Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering from Mahidol University, Thailand. During that time, I completed a Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology internship at  Harvard Medical School where I became interested in live-cell imaging and single-cell analysis. Currently, my research focuses on using live-cell imaging and single-cell analysis to study the adaptation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis under different environments.

Mariana Pereira Moraes

Mycobacterium tuberculosis has the ability to persist within lesion with different stressors present. These stressors are thought to be responsible for Mtb survival and drug tolerance. We aim to develop in vitro models using lesion-specific stressors to dete​rmine how different lesion niches influence Mtb response to specific drug regimens. 

Nhi Van

Tracy Washington, PhD

Undergraduate Students

Aonkon Dey

I’m a senior at Tufts University School Of Engineering studying Biomedical Engineering, with minors in Mathematics and Computer Science. At the Aldridge Lab, I work on developing deep-learning-based image segmentation tools for live-cell microscopy and developing novel analysis tools for understanding cellular growth heterogeneity in M. tuberculosis and M.smegmatis. 


Meriem Bahira, Research Technician

Sheika Belizaire, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Owen Bennion, Research Technician

Christopher Chou, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Murat Cokol, Visiting Scholar

Yonatan Degefu, Research Technician

Kaydine Edwards, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Iyob Gebremariam, Analyst

Geoffrey Gonzalez, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Shellyhan Gordon, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Alexander Histed, Graduate Student

Sophia Hu, REU Undergraduate Research Assistant

Joey Jabbour, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Jonah Larkins-Ford, Graduate Student

Michelle Logsdon, Graduate Student

Morgan McNellis, Research Technician

Andrew Min, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Amy Moody, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Sesheta Mwanza, Research Technician

Michaela Olson, Research Technician

Julia Parker, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Brandon Phan, PREP Scholar

Christopher Polleys, REU Undergraduate Research Assistant

Kirsta Pullen, Research Technician

Ian Richardson, High School Research Assistant

Kirill Richardson, Graduate Student & Research Technician

Daniel Rubin, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jullian Willett, Medical Student Research Assisant