Alternatives to Trunk Project Sites

Trunk Project Sites have traditionally been used to facilitate online collaboration. However, Tufts now offers many other platforms and tools that allow users to discuss, create, share, and collaborate. As part of our migration to Canvas we encourage you to investigate these alternative tools. 

Tufts Box

Box can be used to store, access, and share content securely at Tufts and beyond. Tufts users have unlimited storage space for documents, media, and other kinds of digital content, and files can be shared with people inside and outside of the university. Box also includes online tools for collaborative work and integrates with Office 365. 

Tufts Elist

Elist is an email list subscription, creation, and administration service tool. With an elist, a user can send an email to a single, custom email address and it will be received by all of list subscribers. Lists can be used for discussion (if all subscribers are allowed to send messages to the list) or for broadcast (only list owners can send messages). 

Tufts Wikis

Confluence, Tufts’ wiki tool, can be used to create collaborative websites that can be edited and maintained online by multiple users. Users can create knowledge bases, small departmental websites, or any site that contains dynamic and frequently updated content.

Tufts WordPress

Tufts users can create WordPress websites hosted at WordPress is ideal for blogs, portfolios, and projects, and its robust commenting system can be used to facilitate online discussion.

Canvas Course Sites

If you are a current Canvas user and the tools listed above do not meet your needs, you can request a manually-created Canvas course site.
I want to...Use
Collect and share files and collaborate on documents.Box
Communicate with a group via emailElist
Box Messaging
Facilitate online discussion: Allow group members to individually write and post articles and comment on each other's postsWordPress
Collaboratively edit documentsBox
All of the above, plus other academic activities (e.g. quizzes, assignment submissions, and grading)Canvas Course Site
As of June 1, 2018, users cannot create new Project Sites on Trunk. Existing project sites will remain available for the near future.