Civic education

Civic education is a lifelong process of learning how to improve and protect the world. It occurs in schools and in many other locations. Indeed, this website is a form of civic education.

The topic of civic education raises questions about who should learn which skills, forms of knowledge, and dispositions–and how best to learn those things.


  • Taking the Action Out of Civics?
    “Taking the Action out of Civics?” is a case study from the Justice in Schools initiative. The case examines the debate over a form of project-based civics education called Action Civics, in which students research a topic of their choosing and then take action to create change. In this case study, a parent’s crusade to … Continue reading
  • Seeing Green
    “Seeing Green,” a Justice in Schools case by Allison M. Stevens “explores the challenges of teaching about climate change in a community where a large portion of the residents work in the petroleum industry. Should science teachers accommodate local concerns about the dangers of demonizing the very industry their town’s economy relies on? Or teach climate … Continue reading


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