Nonviolence is not merely the absence of violent means. It is a set of tactics, strategies, and philosophies that require planning and training and that have an impressive record of success.


  • Nonviolent methods
    Gene Sharp (1928-2018) looked at thousands of specific examples of nonviolent episodes and campaigns and identified 198 methods. He categorized them under two major headings, “Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion” and “Noncooperation.” Under those major headings are many specific categories, such as “Symbolic Public Actions” or “Actions by Consumers.” The Global Nonviolent Action Database from Swarthmore … Continue reading
  • The Montgomery Bus Boycott
    The Montgomery Bus Boycott by Peter Levine is a case study about “a classic example of a social movement episode that accomplished its immediate goals despite severe obstacles. It catapulted the 26-year-old Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. into international prominence and launched similar episodes in many American cities across the South and then also the … Continue reading

Related Concepts

  • Sacrifice
    Participating in politics or in a social movement can involve sacrifice. Some sacrifices are very modest, such as taking time out to vote or contributing a small amount of money to a cause or organization. But some people devote their lives to causes, at high personal cost, and many have died in political struggles. Danielle … Continue reading

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