Length of Stay Webinar This Week!

In a perfect world, each animal who comes into a shelter would be cared for, restored to full health, and adopted into a forever home in as short a time as possible. And yet for a lot of shelters, the everyday reality is that many animals end up staying for longer than that ideal, resulting in challenges both for the shelter and the animals themselves. In our own shelter here at the Animal Rescue League of Boston, as I’m sure it is for many of you, managing the amount of time that each animal spends in the shelter environment is a juggling act between shelter resources and the needs of each individual animal. Dr. Erin Doyle, one of our veterinarians in the shelter, is presenting a webinar this week to discuss this very important topic, and how to deliver a better quality of care through managing the population as a whole. You can join us this Thursday, March 6th at 2pm EST (Boston, GMT -5). Sign up now through our webinars page!