Student Affairs Resources

1.If you need an expense reimbursement:

Please submit this form to Dainya Hannan (, Office 1511C) for all expenses over $50. Include itemized receipts verifying payment as well as a list of attendees for any meal expenses.

*For purchases under $50, you are eligible to receive a petty cash reimbursement. Bring the original, itemized receipt to Dainya Hannan (Office 1511C). She will fill out a petty cash slip for you to take over to the Bursar’s Office, located at 200 Harrison Avenue. The Bursar will be able to reimburse you in cash at that time. *

Link to business expense form: Business Exp Form

2. If you are planning a Lunch and Learn:

ALL presentations sponsored by student organization featuring companies, organizations, or speakers who are not affiliated with the school must complete submit a request through the link below at least four weeks in advance of the presentation. The requestor is required to review the school’s conflict of interest policy, explain why they feel the information is important to share with the TUSDM community and attach any PowerPoint or other materials that will be presented. The request will then be forwarded to the relevant departments and to the Associate Deans for Student Affairs and Academic Affairs for approval.

Internal lunch and learn requests hosted by student organizations must be requested through for approval, room reservations, and any additional required room set-up.

Link to Request to Present form:

3. If you are planning your student organization budget for the coming year:

  • BylawsTUSDM Organization Sample Bylaws All school-approved organizations must approve a set of bylaws annually. While student organizations are invited to create their own or update their existing bylaws, here is a sample set that can be modified to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Budget guidelines
  • Succession planning docs under articles & resources

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