Class of 2026


Welcome to Boston D26s!

Meet Our Executive Board!

Jaylon Johnson – President
My name is Jaylon Johnson and I am honored to serve as the D26 Class President. I am a native of Thomson, GA and was raised in Augusta, GA. I received my first degree in Biology from Morehouse College in 2020, and I also received a Masters in Biomedical Sciences from Barry University’s BMS program in 2022. Outside of studying, I am a photographer, an avid reader, I play basketball, and a huge Celtics fan! I have aspirations to one day open a steakhouse and my own dental practice! The D26 class is creative, vibrant, and genuine, and I am honored to represent us!
Robin Lee – Vice President
My name is Robin Lee and I am honored to serve as the Vice President of the D’26 Class. I am from New York and attended Stony Brook University for my B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Biophysics and Physiology. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, taking care of my many plants, discovering new cafes around Boston, and walking everywhere with my friends. As a member of the D’26 Executive Board, I promise to work diligently to make sure you feel heard and valued. Thank you so much for the opportunity to represent and advocate for our class. I hope to make the next few years fun and as productive as possible!
Shivani Vasudev – Secretary
My name is Shivani Vasudev, but you can call me Shiv. I’m excited to serve as the Class Secretary of the D’26 Class! I’m originally from Atlanta, GA where I attended the University of Georgia (Athens, GA) double majoring in Biology & Psychology & minoring in Spanish. I received my masters in Preclinical Sciences from Mercer University School of Medicine (Macon, GA). If I’m not studying, I love exploring Boston on walks just listening to music, sitting by Charles River or trying the amazing desserts of Boston (got a sweet tooth, oops!)
Being a part of the D’26 E-Board, I hope to keep the class organized and help provide resources for their success but also contribute ideas on how to balance their mental health & well-being, school, and of course fun! I believe I along with my fellow E-board members will voice the class concerns very well & ensure there is inclusivity of EACH member of our class. So excited to represent the Class of D26!

Ritika Lahoty – Treasurer


Hi! My name is Ritika Lahoty and I’m excited to be the Class Treasurer! I’m originally from Boston, MA. I graduated from UCONN (BS), MCPHS (Dental Hygiene and MBA in Healthcare Management) and BU (MS). Some of my favorites and what I enjoy to do are cooking, traveling, and being a dog mom. What I love about Boston is the diversity of cultures, the history and being one of the best sports cities!
I hope to be able to be a strong advocate for our class with administration/faculty, especially when allocating needed resources and planning for our upcoming years. I can’t wait to work alongside the E-board and other leaders to create more events that strengthen and unify our class through the challenges of school.
General Board Members
  • Patient Care Quality Assurance Committee Representative: Grace Davis
  • Curriculum Committee Representative:Kyle Wright
  • Risk Safety and Infection Control Committee Representative: Yves W Augustin
  • Promotions Committee: Love Arobieke
  • Ethics Professionalism and Citizenship Committee Representative: Madeleine Buckner-McCurdy
  • Outcome Assessment Committee Representative: Aleksja Hoxha
  • Research Committee Representative: Janel Romagnoli
  • ASDA Class Representative: Stacey Young
  • ADEA Class Representative: Anna Lubitz
  • Student Library Advisory Committee Representative: Beshoy Lawindy
  • Community Service Chairs: Jamyla Palomar & Rana Sultan

Advice from the D25’s to Survive D1

  • “Budget your time to allow for school work and self care!”
    Sidney M D25
  • “Believe in yourself! We are all chosen to be here for a reason. On good days celebrate that, and on rough days believe it even harder. Congratulations on being accepted into the D’26 class and welcome to the TUSDM family!” Kaylin T D25
  • “Do 1 activity a week that brings you happiness! Go on a walk, hang out with friends, etc. ” Nashley M D25
  • “Find YOUR own individual balance” Jaela P D25
  • “Take it one day at a time. Study hard but still make time to enjoy other things and have fun.” Ramanpreet D25
  • “Do not compare yourself to the people around you. It is all about personal growth!” Anon D25
  • Always believe in yourself! Don’t compare yourself to others; connect with you classmates to remain encouraged and reminded that you are not alone. Stay organized and prioritize your health! Madison W D25
  • “Remember that a grade does not define how great of a dentist you will become. Try your best, work hard, and find what works for you. It is a transition, and it is okay to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. Eventually, you will get into a routine, you will find your best study habits, and you will get better. Remember that everything happens for a reason and do not give up. God has your back, and has gotten you this far, he will not abandon you now. ” Maria G D25
  • “Try to attend live lectures or watch the lectures during the allotted time. It’s easy to fall behind and you’ll lose time you could have used to study/review, catching up. This can also help you better manage your time and incorporate self-care habits like going to the gym, exploring Boston, etc. A well balanced academic/leisure lifestyle is key for succeeding your first year.” Jeancarlos F D25
  • “Maintain your schedule, it seems relaxed at first but then it picks up and then boom, you are a real D1. Plan family trips acocrdingly, you cannot miss exams for every event. Seek out help from D2s, D3s they are really helpful and have great resources. Talk to other students when you are struggling, trust me we all have in some way and can help by just having a listening ear or give sound advice. Make sure to do review office hours and review sessions they are really helpful for your success. Take advantage of all learning opportunties that will help you excel and grow in your future career. Try study groups but if it doesnt work do what works for you. Ask for help in operative from D2s and up, we all have been there and needed help organizing our locker to helping doing a CLASS II restoration, we got your back and want you to succeed. AND YOU WILL!” Jasmine P D25
  • “Welcome to your first year of dental school! Please be open to asking for help and never assume that you will be a burden (especially in Operative). You have been provided with all the resources and people to help you succeed, so please rely upon them (especially with organizing your materials, ask your Big). Please don’t underestimate your ability and honestly focus solely on all materials provided by your professors, primarily lecture reviews. Keep a strong head on your shoulders, and don’t let anyone else worries sway or influence the decisions you make. Some classmates might be exacerbating their success at specific tasks, so never be hard on yourself. Try not to fall behind in lectures, but if you do, make sure to utilize TA reviews and professor reviews if you are in a time crunch. Also, it might take some time, but please find the best way to learn and master the material, then stick to that method that works best for you. My first-year spring semester was a success once I blocked out all the noise and found the most suitable way that works for my learning process. Last, make sure that you enjoy every moment of this first year.” Glory O D25

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