The Now Exchange: Farah Momen Featured in TuftsNow Article

2019 D-Prize Winner, The Now Exchange, was recently featured in a TuftsNow article. TuftsNow, a publication that features all university-related news, conducted an interview with Fletcher’s own Farah Momen about her business venture, the inspiration behind it, and the challenges and opportunities that come with designing your own venture.

Read more about The Now Exchange and Momen’s future plans in the TuftsNow article below:

Momen and Bova intend to start their project this summer by offering free injections of Sayana Press, a hormonal contraceptive, via an already existing in-factory health clinic. Over time, they plan to expand to more clinics and other aspects of women’s health, such as menstrual hygiene and domestic violence education. Their goal is to have the services funded by international companies that sell clothes made in Bangladesh.