Mahogany Team 2022

Brendan Amorin, Sam Cohen, John Davis, Benjamin Pradko, Youssef Soliman

Radar Jamming

Pulse Doppler RADAR is a useful tool for determining the distance from and velocity of objects in the environment relative to a source. In modern electronic warfare, one method of hindering the effectiveness of an enemy RADAR is through RADAR spoofing. Within the context of Pulse Doppler RADAR, spoofing methods can be employed to present false objects (i.e. at artificial distances and velocities) to a victim RADAR. This project aims to create a system consisting of two components: a Pulse Doppler RADAR that can detect multiple moving and stationary objects at different distances and a spoofing device that can impose false objects on the RADAR. The components are implemented using mirrored radios that communicate via antennas and perform their appropriate functionality based on software written and uploaded to the radios.

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