EN Research Fair

Are you an undergraduate student looking for research? This is a great opportunity for you then!

When: Friday October 22nd.

Time: 12 pm to 1:30 pm

Where: Burden Lounge (Anderson 103)

Come and talk to professors and learn more about their research projects, and opportunities for involvement. This is your first step to start working on a lab!

The panel will bring professors from the Mechanical, Biomedical, Civil, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering Departments.

  • Mechanical Engineering: Professor Matthew Woodward – Robot Locomotion and Biomechanics Lab.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Professors David Kaplan and Fiorenzo Omenetto – Over 10 “Kaplan Labs”, Silklab.
  • Civil Engineering: Professor Laurie Baise – Earthquake Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering: Professor Eric Miller – Developing processing methods for acquiring physical and physiological data.
  • Chemical Engineering: Aaron Gould, Christina Uhlenbrock (undergraduate seniors from Prof. Matthew Panzer’s lab) – Systems Research Institute; Green Energy and Nanostructured Electronics Laboratory.

We hope to see you there!