Meet Our E-Board

Isabel Hansmann

  • Rising senior studying Biomedical Engineering
  • Hometown: Springfield, MA
  • Outside of engineering, I enjoy sketching and recently got into using charcoal and NuPastel
  • I love being able to support fellow engineer students–please don’t hesitate to reach out!


  • President 2023
  • Vice President 2022
  • VP of Finance 2020-2021

Zainab Yaqub

  • Rising senior studying Computer Science
  • Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
  • Fun fact: I’ve rewatched all of BoJack Horseman like three times


  • Vice President 2023
  • VP of Finances 2022
    • Work with the Dean’s Office to allocate funds to engineering student clubs and organizations
    • Assist the council with budgeting for all events

Ayat Walid

  • Rising junior studying Mechanical Engineering
  • Hometown: Boston, MA (Agadir, Morocco in spirit 🇲🇦)
  • Fun fact: I know how to sail and have worked at a sailing center during high school


  • Publicity Chair 2022
    • Designs flyers for events and manages the ESC social media platforms

Doga Kilinc

  • Rising junior studying Computer Science
  • Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Fun fact: I learned how to play the piano before I learned how to read


  • Secretary 2022
    • Designs and updates the website

Iris Yang

  • Rising sophomore studying Computer Science with a minor in studio art
  • Hometown: Newton, MA
  • Fun fact: Aside from computer science and art, I’m also really into STEM education and music! Some of my other hobbies are running and reading.


  • VP of Professional Development 2022

Past e-board

Sebastian Fernandez

  • International Student from Asunción, Paraguay
  • Likes talking to new international students and helping them in their transition to Tufts.
  • Fun fact: Besides engineering, I’m into reading and writing fiction stories!


  • President 2022
  • Webmaster 2021-2022

Sevara Nasritdinova

  • Leads meetings, delegates, hosts events and manages the board
  • Likes efficiency, initiative and passion 
  • Enjoys sharing wisdom about engineering, research and internship experience
  • Pro at being international at Tufts


  • President 2020 – 2022
  • Vice President of Conferences and Outreach 2019-2020

Keenan Rhea

  • Supports and maintains connections to Engineering Clubs
  • Likes technology, organization, and challenging work
  • Enjoys removing barriers and building relationships


  • Vice President 2021-2022
  • Vice President 2020 – 2021

Yelim Kim

  • Senior in BME
  • Hosts and creates events, especially the ones that promote academic growth
  • Loves making new connections with fellow peers
  • Has a soft spot for fellow international students 🙂


  • VP of Academics 2021-2022
  • Webmaster 2020-2021

Alec McKendell

  • Senior in BME
  • Runs the ESC Instagram
  • Makes posters and visual advertisements for events
  • Very extroverted – will talk with you for a while!
  • Really interested in biology and neurodegenerative disease.


  • Social Media Chair 2021-2022

Ryan McFarlane

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  • Rising senior in CS and CE
  • Likes late night study groups at Tisch
  • Enjoys learning and sharing new things about computer engineering
  • Loves meeting new people and will talk about anything with anyone


  • VP of Finance 2021-2022
    • Run’s Dean’s Fund
    • Advises Clubs

Eddy Abban

  • Computer Engineering student
  • Hometown: Burlington, NJ
  • Fun fact: I used to play electric bass in a Jazz band


  • VP of Academics and Social Planning 2022

Lily Liu

  • Civil Engineering student
  • Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
  • Fun fact: I know how to keep houseplants alive so ask me anytime!


  • Webmaster 2022
    • Designs and updates the website