The Tufts Engineering Student Council was set up to facilitate dialog between the students, faculty, and administration within the School of Engineering in an effort to enhance the experience of all individuals in the engineering community. This council of student leaders strives to promote focused change to ensure that students are offered the best opportunities and atmosphere to explore engineering both inside and outside of the classroom.

We offer and encourage an open forum for discussion on the areas of our engineering experience that are in need of improvement and provide a mechanism by which students’ voices can be heard by the faculty and administrators. Our commitment to ongoing improvement of the engineering community is rooted in a strong belief that student solutions, through the aid of the engineering department, are the most effective means of implementing crucial change.

These convictions are summarized and focused on our four founding pillars:

  1. Advocacy for club collaboration in event planning and participation
  2. Improvement of engineering education and professional development
  3. Promotion of dialogue and work with faculty members and administrators
  4. Advancement of tutoring and academic opportunities for engineers