Lifestyles of the NOT Jet Set

A travel and tourism show … without the jet fuel.

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Episode 17: Listening. New Orleans, LA.

Episode 16: Going Farther. Mexico City, Mexico.

Episode 15: There You Are. Cleveland, OH.

Episode 14: By Canoe. Northern Vermont.

Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM). Glasgow, Scotland.

Episode 13: A Meal to Savor. New York City, New York.

Episode 12: A Grand Destination. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Episode 11: A Sense of Place. Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.

Episode 10: Time Use. Deer Isle, Maine.

Episode 9: Nourishment. Chicago, Illinois.

Episode 8: Standing Apart. Memphis, Tennessee.

Episode 7: Being Professional. Austin, Texas.

Episode 6: How Radical? Rochester, New York.

Episode 5: So Close to Home. Arlington, Massachusetts