Can We Fly-less? An immersive visual-audio exhibition

The question of how advocates of flying less should engage the broad public is certainly not an easy one. What is clear is that there cannot be a single approach. In that spirit, we share with you here a very innovative production that takes an unorthodox approach. The result is a highly thoughtful and provocative virtual exhibition developed for the “Festival of the Mind,” which took place in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom in September 2022.

Titled “Can We Fly Less?” this “immersive visual-audio exhibition” explores and responds to different attitudes towards efforts to reduce flying. It emerges out of a cooperative effort involving an interdisciplinary group of scholars at the University of Sheffield who conducted the research on which the exhibition is based–Doctors Stephen Allen, Judith Krauss, Renee Timmers, and Matt Watson. They worked in collaboration with Gina Allen, a visual artist, and Kitty Turner, a digital producer, the two of whom created the video below. The podcast that follows the video is comprised of a discussion, one in and which Stephen Allen interviews Gina Allen and Kitty Turner about the video they have produced and how it speaks to questions around flying less in a time of intensifying climate breakdown.

Click on the image above to access the podcast.

What a flying-less academia could look like – and how to get there: a workshop

Workshop: Exploring low-flying academia

Do you struggle to identify concrete practices and polices to bring about an academia characterized by low amounts of flying? If so, you should strongly consider participating in an online workshop on September 14, 2022, Hosted by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and supported by the research project “Decreased CO2-emissions in flight-intensive organisations,” the three-hour, virtual gathering will take place 09:00–12:00 CEST.

If you would like to participate in “Exploring Low-Flying Academia,” you should register for the workshop via this link.

Academics from around the world are welcome!