EconoFoodPotluck2016_ATableOfDelightsOur fourth annual Econ o’Food potluck was last night, the biggest ever and great fun.

This year we had prizes for the best dish in each of five categories, aiming to be as nutritious and delicious as possible while pursuing any one (or more) of the following widely shared goals:

  1. least monetary cost,
  2. least preparation time,
  3. least environmental impact,
  4. most local or seasonal, or
  5. most personally meaningful.

From the photo you can see our table of delights.  The sourdough rolls on the right won the meaningfulness prize for Kathleen Nay (back row), for a gorgeous story about the sourdough starter that she and her husband began when they were married. Wow.

Sean Cash and Parke Wilde brought their best gastronomic game to the judging, with shoutouts for all the great food ideas of the night.  We all ate and drank so well — with an extra jolt for happy winners like Sam Hoeffler, whose prize was a fresh shipment of my personal favorite consumable: coffee, brought home last weekend from Ethiopia. EconoFoodPotluck2016_ParkeSeanAnnouncePrizeForSamHoeffler

Lots of fun, thank you all!



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