This is the teaching blog for Nutrition 238, a graduate course in the principles of economics used to analyze agricultural, food and nutrition choices around the world.

The course is offered at Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, in the spring as NUTR238 for our MS and PhD students, and in the fall as NUTB238 for our MNSP students. The fall version is taught online with a short residency (hence NUTB, for Blended learning).

This blog is for me and class participants to share fun stuff about the economics of food.  Course content for currently enrolled students is at our Trunk site.  Interested visitors might also want to check out the much more active site on US Food Policy maintained by Prof. Parke Wilde.

The Friedman School has an exceptionally strong and diverse collection of faculty, staff and students interested in all aspects of human nutrition, agriculture and food – all on our website!

–Will Masters


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