Resources for undergraduate and graduate applicants

Applying for undergraduate research opportunities

If we have space and sufficient resources, we are happy to welcome undergraduates to work in the laboratory. Research experience is crucial for graduate school application, so if you are thinking about it, give it a try! You do not have to have specific coursework or prior experience, at least not for our lab (and many others), only motivation and willingness to learn and to commit to a semi-regular schedule.

Please contact the PI, at or Léa Gaucherand at

Please make sure to state why you are interested in the laboratory and how you heard about us.

[Here is a template for the email: 

Dear Dr. Gaglia/Ms. Gaucherand,

My name is ___ and I am ___ year student at ___. I came across your group through ____ and I am interested in your research because ____. I would like to discuss whether you have any research opportunities in your laboratory. 

Regards, ___]

If you are a student at Tufts University, there are several options to obtain funding for it, especially during the summer (you could also have it counted as coursework):

-Information about various programs here

-Tufts Summer Scholars:

Deadline is usually the beginning of March

-Laidlaw Scholars Program:

Deadline is usually at the beginning of February

If you are a student at any university you can also apply for our summer internship program, Building Diversity in Biological Sciences:

Deadline is usually at the beginning of February

The NSURP program also helps students connect to labs for remote research opportunities:

If we do not have space, don’t be discouraged. Availability of research opportunities is often dictated by funding, personnel, physical lab space etc. It is not unusual to have to contact several groups to find availability. Also, many universities have summer programs so look around for funded positions. Beware that a lot of them have application deadlines early in the year (January/February). 

Applying for graduate research opportunities

All graduate admissions at Tufts University go through a centralized process. Go to to learn about available programs and the application process. The Gaglia lab is affiliated with the PhD programs in Molecular Microbiology, Immunology and Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology (CMDB). 

Research experience is a key component we look for in application packages, and it is usually advantageous to have had at least a summer experience at a research intensive institution.