7th Annual Conference on Gender and International Affairs: 2021/22

The Conference on Gender and International Affairs strives to create a platform for academics, practitioners, and community leaders to come together to discuss how gender affects and is affected by today’s global issues.  Going into its seventh year, the Conference continues the tradition of student and faculty advocacy at Fletcher to integrate gender analyses into our work.

This year’s theme, Radical Optimism: Transforming Positivity into Power, will highlight how optimism can be wielded as a formidable tool to bring about change and action on a global scale.

Living through a pandemic has forced us to innovate, and in spite of the immeasurable and continued suffering experienced within our communities around the world, we have managed to find ways to maintain hope and create joy. Building from this theme of hopefulness and utilizing a gender and intersectional analytic lens, this conference will underscore the ways marginalized folks have harnessed power through positivity to continue to push for progress, such as building healthy masculinities, healing from gender-based violence, and celebrating diverse sexual and gender identities across borders. Through open dialogues, the Conference would like to create an environment where students and the general public alike will have the opportunity to draw from the dialogues throughout the events in order to take action and foster progressive change themselves.

The 2021 Conference on Gender and International Affairs will show how optimism itself has proven to be a functional, pragmatic tool in identifying the potential for change in international relations and further, giving us the gumption to take action.

We will explore various themes with the support of activists and content experts from around the globe at our campus this November. Several thematic areas include: Sex Work/Informal Labor Market, Preventing/Healing from GBV, Queer Feminist Perspectives in IR, Indigenous Feminisms , Feminist IR and Optimism, Bodily Autonomy (reproductive justice, disability activism, etc.), Women in Business/Financial Inclusion.


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