On-Campus Orientation

We had an incredible week with our first group of 1+4 Fellows! They arrived on campus on August 25, and we spent a busy week preparing them for their Bridge-Year experiences!

Highlights from the week included:

  • Sessions with President Monaco, Provost David Harris, Tisch College Dean Alan Solomont, and program funders
  • A campus scavenger hunt
  • A workshop on writing from experience and blog writing tips with an English faculty member
  • Painting the cannon with 1+4 destination flags
  • Faculty workshops based on placement focus (child development, biology and environmental studies, social entrepreneurship, and sustainable energy)
  • Sessions on well-being, leadership development, living with host families, apartment living and budgeting
  • Developing powerful connections to their three peer leaders, Tufts students who had themselves done gap years, who also provided many fun activities throughout the week

Through workshops, sessions, free time and games, Fellows developed a strong group bond and learned about a host of areas that will prepare them for the adventures ahead. Before we knew it, they were off to the airport to begin their Bridge-Years!IMG_0517

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