by Biani, Civic Semester Participant From Tuesday the 9th till Friday the 12th we did an organization visit with Borderlands Restoration Network (BRN) in Patagonia, Arizona. BRN is a non-profit made up of smaller organizations, like the Deep Dirt Institute and the Native Plant Nursery, that we had the privilege […]

Day 2 at Borderlands Restoration Network

by Loey, Civic Semester Participant This past week we visited Borderlands Restoration Network (BRN) which is an organization based in Patagonia, Arizona. From November 9th to 12th, we worked with various programs and branches of BRN which all focused around preserving and restoring close to 1800 acres of land across […]

Day 1 at Borderlands Restoration Network

by Lily, Civic Semester Participant “The antithesis of [the] border is genuine connection with people”  Finn, No More Deaths Volunteer  Saturday, November 6th, 2021 marks the Civic Semester’s second site visit in this portion of our trip in the Southern New Mexico and Arizona area. The cohort had another early […]

No Mas Muertes, No More Deaths

by Ben, Civic Semester Participant On November 5th, we got up early, ate some breakfast, and drove to Arizona. The air was cool and crisp, and as our cars climbed into the mountains, it began to feel like fall again. Since coming further south, we’ve gotten accustomed to the earthy […]

Canyon Creek Hike

by Biani, Tufts Civic Semester Participant Greeting friends and family, we had our first organization visit in Tucson, Arizona and I will start by saying that it was truly inspiring! On October 29th, we set off bright and early at 6 am for our long awaited visit with our first […]

Flowers and Bullets