by Loey, Tufts Civic Semester Participant On the 16th and 17th of October, we had the absolute privilege of spending our entire days learning from the founding and contributing members of an organization called “Casa Carmelita” based in El Paso, Texas. No more than 20 yards away from a primary […]

Casa Carmelita!

by Biani, Tufts Civic Semester Participant For the past four weeks the Tufts Civic Semester cohort has been taking Mexican baile folklórico (folkloric dance) every Monday at Moving Arts in the city of Española. Moving Arts is an organization dedicated to building community and cultivating leaders through art and the […]

Moving Arts Española

by Biani, Tufts Civic Semester Participant On Friday the 24th of September, the Tufts Civic Semester cohort visited the Tesuque Pueblo Farm on our quest to learn more about seed sovereignty and agriculture. Tesuque (also known as Taytsúgeh Oweengeh in Tewa) is the southernmost Tewa Pueblo. We spent a lot […]

Seeds are the Future

1. What was your Civic Semester experience? As a rising junior, how if at all has Civic Semester impacted your Tufts experience beyond your time in the program? Absolutely positive! Just the idea that I’m writing about how awesome this program was already excites me. I’m not saying this in […]

Looking Back, Would You Do it Again? Q&A with Civic ...

by Silas, Tufts 1+4 Participant With the biting Vermont breeze a refreshing reminder of where I ended up after a week of mild chaos, I finally began to reflect on my time in Uruguay. As my dog ran ahead of me, I remembered some of the highlights of the year, […]

Three Lessons in Self Love

by Giovana, Tufts 1+4 Participant I walked into my neighborhood’s TATA (a supermarket chain in Uruguay) on the morning of my two-month early departure, due to the pandemic, to buy some Uruguayan essentials: dulce de leche, yerba, y membrillo. As I entered the store my attention was immediately drawn to […]

Coming Full Circle