Human Interaction Lab Data Session: Wednesday 28th November 2018

The Human Interaction Laboratory Datasession will meet on Wednesday 28th November 2018 in unit 2580, 200 Boston Ave. Medford, MA 02155.

If you don’t know what a data session is, you can read Saul’s description of learning about Conversation Analytic data sessions, or have a look at this new resource from Arizona State University that discusses language and social interaction data analysis sessions from a variety of methodological/disciplinary perspectives:

See our full list of data sessions on our events page.

RSVP: / 857-222-5992

Data: Dr. Danielle Pillet-Shore (University of New Hampshire) will provide some video data showing the opening phase of face-to-face interactions in casual and institutional encounters. Since the beginning of an encounter is a time of heightened exposure to novel sensory stimuli and also a time of heightened self- and other- awareness and attentiveness, we will consider a collection showing participants engaging in the social action of registering — audibly pointing to a publicly perceivable referent so others share attention on it (i.e., “noticing” and/or “announcing”). Data in American English.

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