The operations of the Hitachi Center are managed by its Director and Deputy Director.

Carolyn Gideon, Director
Assistant Professor of International Communication
and Technology Policy

Jenny Aker, Deputy Director
Professor of Development Economics

Executive Board

The activities of the Hitachi Center benefit greatly from the advice and support of the Executive Board.

  • Mr. Hitoshi Shirai, Chairman of Fletcher Hitachi Center, President of Hitachi Research Institute
  • Dr. Jenny Aker
  • Dr. Carolyn Gideon
  • Mr. Toshiaki Kuzuoka, Chairman of Hitachi Research Institute, Senior Vice President and Senior Corporate Officer of Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Dr. Shinsuke Tanaka
  • Dr. Joel Trachtman
  • Ms. Kimberly Wilson
  • Mr. Kenichiro Mizoguchi, General Manager of Hitachi Corporate Office, DC., Hitachi, Ltd.

Associated Faculty

A number of members of The Fletcher School’s faculty are engaged in activities relating to technology, economic integration, and their role in international relations.