The Hitachi Center provides support to fellows who come to The Fletcher School to engage in research and teaching on topics related to technology, economic integration, and their role in international relations.

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Current Fellows:

  • Simone di Castri, Faculty Fellow
  • Melita Sawyer, Doctoral Fellow

Past Fellows:



Hitachi Center Funded Courses:

DHP D216M: Networks, Analytics, and Organizations I

  • Instructor: Prof. Christopher (Rusty) Tunnard

DHP P207: GIS for International Applications

  • Instructors: Patrick Florance and Barbara Parmenter

DHP P238/ILO L238: Technology, Development, and Regulation

  • Instructor: Prof. Jonathan Greenacre

Related Courses:

  • ILO L223: International Environmental Law
  • ILO L234: International Intellectual Property Law and Policy
  • DHP P203: Analytic Frameworks for Public Policy Decisions
  • DHP P210: Research Design and Methodology
  • DHP P231: International Communication
  • DHP P232: Communications Policy Analysis and Modeling
  • DHP P250: Environmental Problem Solving
  • DHP P251: Energy, Entrepreneurship & Finance
  • DHP P253: Sustainable Development Diplomacy
  • DHP P254: Climate Change and Clean Energy Policy
  • DHP P255: International Energy Policy
  • DHP P256: Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity
  • EIB E241: Development Economics: Policy Analysis
  • EIB E246: Environmental Economics
  • EIB E247: Econometric Impact Evaluation for Development