Interested in making a difference and promoting productive aging for adults?

Participate in our Research!

If you are interested in learning more about the research at HPAL please reach out and contact us via email at

A few topics we study include:

  • Studying employment issues. Do you struggle with keeping up at work? Do you have health conditions that make participating in paid employment difficult?
  • Learning about other productive activities people engage in as they exit the paid workforce.  What type of volunteer or community activities do you participate in? What are factors that may be barriers to your full participation in these daily activities?
  • Finding ways to promote healthy aging despite physical or mental health challenges for adults of all ages. Exploring both clinical (occupational therapy) and health policy solutions to promote health aging for all!
Research Assistant Positions
If you are interested in joining the HPAL  staff as a research assistant or post-doctoral fellow, please contact Dr. Marfeo directly at
  • A one year commitment is typically required.
  • Current Tufts University students and recent college graduates are welcome to apply.
  • Previous experience is a plus, but is not required.