It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. —Charles Darwin

Team Science

Much of Dr. Marfeo’s research is conducted in collaborative teams spanning academic departments at Tufts University, other universities and institutions, clinical settings, and community organizations.

Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Marfeo–Principal Investigator

Dr. Marfeo is the Principal Investigator & Director of the Health & Productive Aging Lab (HPAL) at Tufts University. She leads the research team and develops the portfolio of research conducted through HPAL.  Dr. Marfeo is health services researcher and occupational therapist. Her goal is to conduct rigorous, interdisciplinary research aimed at addressing complex challenges related to aging, [dis]ability, and quality of life among older adult populations. Much of Dr. Marfeo’s research draws upon paradigms of community-based health that encompass social, environmental, and participation factors related to the aging process.

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” – Dolly Parton

Dr. Marfeo and team have embraced virtual lab meetings, data collection using online platforms, and continue to adapt to the “new normal” of conducting innovative health services research through the lab.

Current Research Assistants

  • Arielle Galinsky–Tufts University Community Health Major

HPAL Alumni

  • Basnet (EL-OTD capstone mentee )
  • Refugio Lara (Tufts VERSE Summer Scholar)
  • Sienna Carpenter (EL-OTD capstone mentee & Research Assistant)
  • Sami Basnet (EL-OTD capstone mentee)
  • Hailey Pister (EL-OTD capstone mentee )
  • Emily Berlin (EL-OTD capstone mentee )
  • Rebecca Cohen (EL-OTD capstone mentee )
  • Sydney Gill (EL-OTD capstone mentee )
  • Jenna Becker (EL-OTD capstone mentee )
  • Emma Haan Ospina (EL-OTD capstone mentee)
  • Sarah Lubic (EL-OTD capstone mentee)
  • Carolyn Nguyen (Graduate Research Assistant)
  • Maureen Kennedy (Graduate Research Assistant)
  • Roni Herbst (PP-OTD mentee, committee Chair)
  • Caroline (Carrie) Ward (MSOT mentee and Research Assistant)
  • Meredith Grinnell (PP-OTD mentee, committee member)
  • Rawan Alheresh, PhD (Post-Doctoral Fellow/Visiting Scientist)

Research Collaborators

  • Boston-metro area Councils on Aging
  • Dr. Nate Ward, Tufts Applied Cognition Lab
  • NIH Clinical Center Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • VA Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center
  • Study participants, community members and more!