Past Events

February 25 – April 22, 2021
PYD & Social Justice: Conversations with Thought Leaders

Virtual series hosted by Richard M. Lerner

The positive youth development (PYD) approach to children and adolescents is predicated on the ideas that 1. every young person has strengths, 2. key contexts of life (e.g., families and communities) have resources that can promote positive development, and 3. the alignment across time and place of the strengths of youth and contextual resources promotes youth thriving.

The virtual series of conversations with leading scholars advancing the integration of PYD research and application with efforts to advance social justice focused on if and how these ideas can be used to understand and enhance the lives of marginalized youth and promote equity and social justice, especially among youth who have experienced adversity, trauma, and disparities because of systemic racism, white privilege, and threats to their health, education, economic well-being, and safety.

The thought leaders who participated in this series work productively to address these issues in the service of promoting positive development among diverse youth. They discussed their views about the PYD-social justice relation, the ways in which their research addresses their views, and the implications of their work for future research and for applications to programs and policies aimed at promoting PYD and enhancing social justice, equity, and inclusion among diverse, marginalized youth. Each conversation included a Q & A period with audience members.

Thank you to all of you who were able to join us for these conversations..