Current and Upcoming Projects

Promoting Positive Development and Health Among Diverse Youth: From Infancy through Young Adulthood

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4-H Study of Positive Youth Development:
Reconnection and Replication
Funded by National 4-H Council

The Compassion International (CI) Study of Positive Youth Development (PYD):
Developing Responsible and Fulfilled Youth: A Multi-National Longitudinal Study of the CI Model of Promoting PYD among Children Living in Poverty
Funded by Compassion International

The Science of Learning and Development (SoLD):
Measures and Methods in Studying the Development Continuum from Infancy through Young Adulthood
Funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Templeton World Charity Platform Grant:
Creating a Platform for Global Innovation and Capacity Building in the Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Character Development Programs for Templeton World Charity Foundation’s (TWCF) Global Innovations for Character Development (GICD) initiative.
Funded by Templeton World Charity Foundation

The Self, Virtue & Public Life Project at the University of Oklahoma:
Building Youth Resilience and Communal Justice: Forgiveness as a Civic Virtue in Rwanda
Funded by the University of Oklahoma and Templeton Religion Trust

Scotiabank Collaboration
Funded by Scotiabank

NIVEA Project
NIVEA is embarking on a world-wide project to enhance social-emotional learning and positive development among youth in majority world countries (mostly in Africa and Central/South America).  The leaders of the office of corporate responsibility at NIVEA have decided to use the model of positive youth development that Rich and Jackie Lerner have developed across the past 20+ years.  IARYD is being asked to help NIVEA identify projects they can support and to then monitor whether the projects are working and are producing outcomes consistent with the Lerner and Lerner model.