IARYD-Turnaround for Children

The strategic partnership between IARYD and Turnaround is an active relationship of exchange and collaboration to enhance the work of the data team at Turnaround and develop a strategic agenda for measurement and data analysis to support its mission. IARYD provides expertise in measurement enhancement and development, data analysis, and data interpretation to develop a foundation for Turnaround’s journey and story of impact; validate and improve tools and services; make informed decisions to deliver outcomes to support the organization’s goals and serve Turnaround’s mission.

Turnaround has received funding support from the Advanced Education Research & Development Fund (AERDF) to conduct invariance testing on the Whole Child Design Inventories (WCDIs) developed by Turnround. The WCDIs will be tested at Nativity Prep (Boston) Middle School during the spring semester of 2023. Conversations with Comer Middle School in Chicago are also taking place. IARYD will conduct the analyses on the WCDIs and assist Turnaround with reporting results.