Working Papers

This working paper series recognizes the colleagues and students that contributed research to The Cost of Cash. IBGC is grateful for their contributions, many of which were edited significantly during the writing of the reports. These working papers reflect the authors’ original work, and the views expressed are not necessarily those of IBGC, The Fletcher School or Tufts University.

Nikhil Joseph and Ben Mazzotta. “Frugal Finance: How Eko Helps India’s Migrants Move and Manage Money.” IBGC Working Paper 14-01. October 2014. 

Siddharth Durgavanshi and Ben Mazzotta. “Sub-K iTransactions.” IBGC Working Paper 14-02. October 2014.

Rama Bijapurkar, Rajesh Shukla and Mridusmita Bordoloi. “Reasons and Attitudes Toward Using Cash in India.” IBGC Working Paper 14-03. April 2014.

Nikhil Joseph and Ben Mazzotta. “M-PESA Comes to India.” IBGC Working Paper 14-04. October 2014.

Nikhil Joseph and Ben Mazzotta. “Citrus: India’s Answer to Paypal?” IBGC Working Paper 14-05. October 2014.

Nikhil Joseph and Ben Mazzotta. “Following Scale with Profits: Explaining Fino’s Unlikely Success.” IBGC Working Paper 14-06. October 2014.

K. Ramesha, D. Bapat and D. Roy. “Cash and Currency Operations in India.”IBGC Working Paper 14-07. October 2014.

K. Ramesha, D. Bapat and D. Roy. “Recent Developments on Financial Inclusion in India.” IBGC Working Paper 14-08. October 2014.

Ruben Korenke, Nikhil Joseph, and Ben Mazzotta. “Cash Outlook in India.” IBGC Working Paper 13-01. September 2013.

Elisabeth Burgess, Benjamin D. Mazzotta, Jose Maria San Juan, Gabrielle Soltys, Anna Valeria Zuccolotto Soto, and David Aldama Navarrete. “Cash Outlook: Mexico.” IBGC Working Paper 13-02. September 2013.

Jose Maria San Juan and Alessandra Valenti. “Telecomm-Telegrafos: Connecting the Disconnected Rural Population.” IBGC Working Paper 13-04. October 2013.

Jose Maria San Juan and Alessandra Valenti. “Compartamos: Moving Away from the Cashless Bank Model.” IBGC Working Paper 13-05. October 2013.

Anna Valeria Zuccolotto Soto and Alessandra Valenti. “Payclip: A Mobile Point of Sale for the Spanish-Speaking World.” IBGC Working Paper 13-06. October 2013.