October 12, 2021 

General Richard Clarke 

Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) 

“Great Power Competition and the Role of Special Options Forces.” 


March 28, 2022 

Yossi Cohen  

Former Head of Israel’s Mossad (2016-2021) 

“Combatting Iran, Brokering the Abraham Accords, Israel & The New Middle East.” 


March 29, 2022 

Lieutenant General Laura Potter  

Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2, United States Army 

“The U.S. Army, Intelligence, and the Contemporary Security Environment.” 


April 7, 2022 

Lieutenant General James C. “Jim” Slife  

Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command 

“AFSOC’s ongoing evolution from the Global War on Terror to Strategic Competition.” 


January 25, 2022 

U.S. Congressman Seth Moulton 

“Making Smart Investments to Ensure U.S. National Security in the Future.” 


December 7, 2021 

Brigadier General Dan Goldfus 

Commander of The IDF Ground Forces and Paratroopers 

“Battlefield & Political Implications of Past & Future Conflict on IDF Ground Forces.” 


March 2, 2022 

Dr. Isaiah (“Ike”) Wilson, III  

President, Joint Special Operations University, 

US Special Operations Command 

“JSOUs perspective and supporting efforts in the USSOCOM shift to Peer Competition/Strategic Competition and its existing CT missions.” 


January 31, 2022 

VADM (retired) Fumio Ota, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces 

Former Director of Defense Intelligence Headquarters 

“A Taiwan Crisis is a Japan Crisis” 


February 14, 2022 

VADM (retired) Lars Saunes 

Former Chief of Royal Norwegian Navy 

“Great Power Competition in the Arctic” 


November 10, 2021 

Dr. Philip L. Ritcheson 

Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Mission Performance, Analysis and Collection (MPAC) 

“ODNI and Intelligence Transformation Issues.” 


November 16, 2021 

Dr. Arjun Subramaniam 

President’s Chair of Excellence in National Security Affairs at the National Defence College, India 

“India, China, and the Indo-Pacific.” 


November 30, 2021 

Dr. Carter Malkasian 

Former special assistant for strategy to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford 

“Explaining What Happened in Afghanistan.”