Research at Tufts LiNKS has been supported with funding from

  • The National Science Foundation (NSF) 
  • The Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Below is a partial list of funded projects

  • Beamforming, User Association and Precise Positioning in Future Terahertz-Enabled Wireless Networks (NSF, collaborative)
  • Transceiver and algorithms for multiband mobile communications in co-existence with passive uses at millimeter wave spectra (NSF SWIFT)
  • Tufts T-TRIPODS institutean interdisciplinary effort to advance the understanding of foundations of data science (NSF)
  • Transient characteristics and interference modeling for millimeter-wave communications (NSF, collaborative)
  • Robust 3D Beamforming using Electronically Steerable Metamaterial Antennas for Millimeter wave Communications (NSF)
  • Link-State and Priority Based Relay Coding for Wireless Networks (ONR)