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Recent News

  • Nov 2022: Prof. Vu joined the IEEE Transactions on Communications Editorial Board as an Editor.
  • Oct 2022: Prof. Young-Chai Ko visited LiNKS lab and gave a talk on inter-satellite communications.
  • Sept 2022: Beier Li officially started her PhD study, although she is no stranger to our lab as she just completed her MS degree at Tufts. Welcome Beier!
  • May 2022: Visiting PhD student Seok-Hyun Yoon is joining us from Prof. Young-Chai Ko’s research group in Korea University. Welcome Seok-Hyun.
  • April 2022: Dr. Byungju Lim is our postdoctoral scholar joining LiNKS from Korea University. Welcome Dr. Lim!
  • Sep. 2021: Prof. Vu received a grant jointly with Prof. Afsar from the National Science Foundation to study the coexistence of mobile transceivers with passive satellite receivers in millimeter wave spectra.
  • Spring 2021: Prof. Vu organizes a Tripods Spring seminar series on machine learning and data science in wireless communications, with potential applications in 5G and beyond-5G systems, IoT networks, and personal wireless devices.

Recent Publications

  • Our paper “Reinforcement Learning for User Association and Handover in mmWave-enabled Networks” has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. In the paper we designed new, efficient multi-arm bandit reinforcement learning algorithms for association and handover in a mobile wireless network, achieving higher network transmission sum rate than conventional method at a fraction of the handover rate, all the while maintaining the load balancing at each BS.
  • Our work on Energy-efficient Joint Wireless Charging and Computation Offloading In MEC Systems to minimize the total energy consumption while performing computation and charging the largest feasible amount of energy to the wireless end user will appear in an upcoming special issue in the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing.
  • Our paper on Maximum Wireless Charging and Partial Offloading in Massive-MIMO Enabled Multi-Access Edge Computing Systems will be published in an upcoming issue of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.
  • Our novel and fully distributed early-acceptance matching game for user association in beyond-5G networks will be published in an upcoming issue of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.
  • Our latest results on Energy-efficient Computation Offloading to MEC edge networks using Data partitioning are published in the October 2020 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.
  • Our initial results on using reinforcement learning for load-balancing user association in millimeter-wave networks for 5G and beyond systems are published at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 in a paper entitled “Multi-Armed Bandit Load Balancing User Association in 5G Cellular HetNets”.

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