2019 Conference on New Media and Democracy: Panel 1

US Information Strategy in the Cyber Era:
Promoting US Interests and Preserving American Values

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With the credibility of American democracy under threat from foreign disinformation campaigns, the US needs to engage in active attempts to counter malicious information operations. In this regard, how can the US realign its information strategy to effectively counter disinformation campaigns by state and non-state actors alike? Can such a realignment be done without compromising core American values of rights to privacy and freedom of expression?


Thom Shanker
National Security and Foreign Policy Editor, The New York Times


Admiral Philip Hart Cullom
Global Strategic Advisor; Entrepreneur & Energy Innovator; Vice Admiral, US Navy(ret)
Nina Jankowicz
Disinformation Fellow, The Wilson Center
Maria Barsallo Lynch
Executive Director, Defending Digital Democracy Project
David Sanger
National Security Correspondent, The New York Times

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